About the SRO

The purpose of the SRO is to support existing state and regional testing organizations, encourage the development of new organizations, and promote interactions and activities among state and regional testing organizations and the NCTA. All participating organizations must encourage NCTA membership and are expected to adhere to the NCTA's Professional Standards and Guidelines.

Why start an SRO in your state or region?

  • To build strong professional relationships with other testing professionals in your state or region.
  • To have a larger voice in your state or region with local and state departments of education.
  • To learn best practices that are more relevant to you and your institution from others in your state or region.
  • To access professional development and networking opportunities.

Benefits of being a State or Regional Organization

SROs have a direct link to the NCTA State and Regional Organizations Committee with complete access to its resources.

  • Explore joint initiatives or projects
  • Connect with other state or regional organizations for shared resources, best practices, etc.
  • Access handbooks, best practices, templates, etc., to establish, strengthen, and grow the organization.
  • Be included in and have access to a dedicated SRO web portal on the NCTA website.
  • Opportunity to submit a grant funding application request.