NCTA Divisions

Much of the work of NCTA is carried out by Committees organized into Divisions.  Each Division is organized around a central mission and led by a Division Head. The Head of the Division oversees and assists the Division Committees in their work and reports to the Governing Board regarding the work in the Division.  Brief descriptions of the NCTA Divisions appear below. Additional information on each of the Divisions may be found by clicking on the links below.


The Finance Division focuses on the financial management and reporting for the organization with a primary charge of preparing and monitoring annual budgets. The NCTA Treasurer serves as the Division Head, with assistance from the Comptroller. This division oversees Grants and Sponsorships Committees.

Sara Rieder Bennett, Division Head
The University of Akron

Growth and Outreach

The Growth and Outreach Division focuses on outside the organization with the purpose of recruiting new members and increasing industry awareness of NCTA. The division promotes NCTA’s mission by marketing resources, projects and accomplishments through activities designed to strengthen NCTA's membership and authority in the industry.

Rachel Hample, Division Head
Temple University

Jan Gonzalez, Co-Division Head
Purdue University Northwest

Membership Engagement

The Membership Engagement Division focuses on the current NCTA membership with the purpose of increasing networking opportunities, developing the talent and leadership pool, supporting NCTA initiatives, and promoting a sense of ownership and belonging within the organization. It encompasses Technical Services (websites and mailing lists), Merchandise, Volunteers, New Member Orientation, and Awards and Recognition.

Mark A. Ross, Division Head
Miami Dade College

Partnerships and Collaborations

The Partnerships and Collaborations Division focuses on establishing, promoting, and enhancing our relationship with other testing related professional organizations for purposes of expanding the reach of NCTA, developing resources to assist NCTA members, and advancing the professional community. Current examples include the ATP Proctoring committee, the AHEAD liaison, and the State and Regional Organizations (SRO) liaison. This division also identifies additional collaborations with other groups that will benefit the profession and determines how best to grow these partnerships.

Sally Carter , Division Head
Southeast Missouri University

Professional Development

The Professional Development Division focuses on developing and expanding the knowledge, skills, and abilities of NCTA members through SIGs (special interest groups), webinars, the e-journal, and numerous volunteer opportunities related to the annual conference and virtual conferences including serving on the conference host committee, the conference app committee, the program committee, and other conference-related logistical needs.

Arrayon L. Farlough-Rollins, Co-Division Head
University of Texas at Arlington

Professional Services

The Professional Services Division focuses on the development of best practices in testing as well as the advancement and development of NCTA programs and services promoting those practices. This division oversees committees on Test Center Certification, the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC), and CAS Standards implementation.

William Thelen, Division Head

Central Washington University