Prospective Certification Applicants

Test Center Certification (TCC) is committed to testing integrity and quality. TCC is designed to promote test centers in maintaining high standards of performance for services rendered to their area’s constituents through a rigorous review process. 

As a potential applicant for test center certification, you aim to meet the expectations of candidates, faculty, staff, students, and vendors through our stringent and specific procedures of center review requirements which leads to obtaining certification.  These requirements are incorporated into the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines.  

Test Center Certification is available to NCTA collegiate members only. Follow these instructions:

  1. Read through the Selected Standards for Certification.
  2. Download and complete all the appendices as described in the Application Material Checklist.
  3. Determine if all documents are complete using the School Certification Checklist. If you do not have all of the appendices completed, you have to create your documents.
  4. Download and complete the Test Center Certification Application.
  5. Watch the NCTA listserv for the actual dates of new test center certification cycles.
  6. Choose a cycle period which is typically the second week of February, June, or August/September (*The application cycle lasts for eight days, Wednesday through Wednesday).
  7. Send all completed documents in one email as a zip file to [email protected] during the cycle dates. (The committee will review all initial applications submitted.  There will only be 25 completed applications accepted per cycle.)
  8. Each applicant will receive a confirmation email once the materials have been received.
  9. Pay non-refundable Test Center Certification Fee (Starting June 2019)

NOTICE: Below is a couple of primary reasons why an application and/or application materials are not accepted:

  1. All required documentation was not completed
  2. All documentation was not sent during the application cycle

In these instances, your application and materials will not be accepted and will be deleted. You will receive notification that your application has been denied and/or deleted.

*Please be aware that the second week of December the Test Center Certification Committee goes on recess for the year to concentrate on the end of school year closing.

The Certification Process

  1. Watch for Listserv announcement for the timeframe to submit the NCTA Test Center Certification application materials.
  2. Submit NCTA Test Center Certification application materials and appendices during pre-application period.
  3. When pre-application is approved, an advisor is assigned who will assist your institution throughout the certification process.
  4. Your advisor or Co-chair will inform you about the payment of your test center certification fee.
  5. When the advisor determines the application and documentation are satisfactory, the materials are emailed to the Test Center Certification Committee by the advisor.
  6. Evaluators are assigned to review materials for compliance with NCTA Standards and Guidelines.
  7. The Site Visit and Certification Coordinator will contact you about the Site Visit process.A visit to the center is conducted by two people affiliated with your institution. Once the site visit is complete and all criteria have been met, the site will be recommended to the NCTA Governing Council for certification.
  8. Certified centers are announced on the NCTA listserv. In addition, the center receives a large plaque suitable for display, the right to use the certified center logo on its website and other promotional materials, and a sample press release to announce this accomplishment.

Resources for Test Center Certification

Here are the application materials for Test Center Certification:

  1. Test Center Certification and Recertification Application Form
  2. Application Certification Material Checklist
  3. Application ReCertification Material Checklist

If you have any questions about certification, please contact [email protected].