Posted 12/13/2017

NCTA To Participate in ATP's Featured Speaker Series

NCTA has been asked to participate in a cross-industry panel as part of the Association of Test Publisher’s Featured Speakers series at the 2018 Innovations in Testing Conference in San Antonio, Texas, February 18-21. As part of the Featured Speakers series, ATP is promoting the value of testing across the assessment industry.

Last year, NCTA joined several industry associations on a panel focused on how negative media coverage, the opt-out movement, and recertification challenges have raised questions about the value of standardized testing.  The panel discussed efforts and challenges to positively lead conversations concerning the value of assessments.   In 2018, the conversation will continue to highlight what has been done and what work still needs to be accomplished. A short abstract is below:

Communicating the Value of Testing

The testing industry impacts nearly every aspect of our lives, from healthcare, structural engineering, and air quality, to education, finances, and insurance, just to name a few.  Despite this impact, testing has received significant negative attention from media and various legislative officials.  As a result, test publishers and credential issuers are facing growing needs to better explain the value of quality testing and the rigor which it entails.  Join experts from across various assessment industry associations to discuss the value of testing to our communities and how we can better communicate and positively demonstrate that value.  Additional information on this initiative can be found at: