Welcome to NCTA!

The National College Testing Association (NCTA) is a non-profit organization of testing professionals working in post-secondary institutions, in companies with test-related products and services, and in other professional testing venues. NCTA was organized in 2000.

The NCTA's Mission
  • Enhance professional testing practices
  • Offer opportunities for professional development
  • Encourage professional support activities
  • Advance collaborative efforts among testing professionals, testing companies, and other policy-making agencies

Update from the President

Dear NCTA Members,

I am very excited and honored to serve NCTA as President for 2020-2022. Due to the strong leadership of former President, Jarret Dyer, other prior presidents, board members, and committees, NCTA has made substantial advancements in its mission to promote professional administration of testing services and programs. I am appreciative to be able to follow in their footsteps and build upon the foundation they have created for NCTA. Read More >>

Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC)

NCTA supports distance learning by providing this free web-based referral service. The CCTC web page contains a listing of testing centers across the country and abroad that are willing to provide proctoring services to students away from their campuses.

CCTC Participant

NCTA Standards

NCTA has established standards and guidelines for testing centers and testing personnel. A list of test administrators who have endorsed these standards may be found on this website.