Update from the President

Duane Goupell

Greetings to all of our NCTA members from Oshkosh, WI.  As we move into October, the new academic year is well under way.  We have adjusted to the normal fall semester routine of starting up again, dealing with students taking tests, completing tasks quickly because they were needed yesterday or today, and the usual daily emergencies.  Yet, we are able to manage and move forward because that is what we do.

I would like to once again mention our friends and colleagues in Texas and Florida that were affected by the hurricanes recently.  Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you move forward in rebuilding your lives.  We hope that all of you are safe.

The annual NCTA conference in Cincinnati was wonderful.  The hotel was great.  I think this is the best hotel that has ever hosted one of our conferences.  It was truly beautiful with a rich and wonderful history.  Many attendees commended to me about the hotel and how pleased they were with the selection.  Cincinnati proved to be a wonderful host to NCTA and we appreciate all that they did for us.  The sessions were many, varied, and wonderful.  The sponsors liked the idea of having two days to meet and talk to conference attendees.  The initial reaction to the new format has been very positive.  We will continue to evaluate the conference to always present the best product possible.

There are many wonderful dedicated individuals in NCTA.  We have all met a number of them over the years.  As President, my vision for the future is to develop a large group of retired NCTA members that are willing and able to volunteer to help NCTA perform the many functions is does for its members.  Maybe you have not been able to volunteer in the past because there was too much to do and not enough of you, there was not enough time to get everything done that you needed to do.  If retirement is in your near future, and volunteering for some part of NCTA interests you, give me a call.  I want to talk to you.  I made my comments about this in Cincinnati and Tuesday after the conference I received an email from a member saying retirement is a few years away but I would like to help when he retired.  With all due respect to John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what NCTA can do for you, ask what you can do for NCTA!”  I look forward to hearing from you. 

I want to wish you the best of everything as the year unfolds for you.

Duane Goupell
NCTA PresidentSaveSave