NCTA Governing Board

Rachel Hample, President
Temple University
(215) 204-4789
[email protected]

Sara Rieder-Bennett, President-Elect
University of Akron
(330) 972-7084
[email protected]

Cindy Meza, Treasurer
Arizona State University(480) 965-7146
[email protected]
Naora Ben-Dov
Dov Educational Services

(818) 929-4924
[email protected]

Kimberly Bright
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
(501) 916-3198
[email protected]

Sally Carter
Southeast Missouri State University
(573) 651-2837
[email protected]

Charity Chia

California State University - Northridge
(818) 677-2369
[email protected]

Arrayon L Farlough-Rollins
The University of Texas at Arlington
(817) 272-2944
[email protected]

Jan Gonzalez
Purdue University Northwest
(219) 989-2020
[email protected]u

Diane Patterson
Three Rivers College
(573) 840-9667
[email protected]
 William Thelen
Central Washington University 
(509) 963-1860
[email protected]
Jody Atkins
NCTA Operations Manager
(706) 400-0081
[email protected]