Finance Division

The Finance Division focuses on the financial management and reporting for the organization with a primary charge of preparing and monitoring annual budgets. The NCTA Treasurer serves as the Division Head, with assistance from the Comptroller. This division oversees Grants program, Sponsorships and Exhibits, and Conference Travel Scholarship.

Valentina Burton, Treasurer
Kansas State University


The Comptroller is responsible for the day-to-day transactions related to the fiscal needs of NCTA. These transactions include, but are not limited to, making payments for invoices received, reconciling credit/debit card transactions, reconciling bank statements, recordkeeping of all financial data and receipts, coordinating with CPA the manage and file required tax documents, and sending financial reports and records to the Treasurer for review. The Comptroller, with the approval of the Treasurer, processes expense requests, such as reimbursement payments or refunds, expense authorization, such as request for travel, funding opportunities, or purchases beneficial to the promotion and growth of NCTA.

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Grants Program

The Grants Program promotes the awareness and the reputation of the organization. Its purpose is to offer opportunities for professional development, to promote the development of resources for NCTA members, to encourage professional support activities, to stimulate research pertinent to the field of testing for possible submission to the Journal of the NCTA (JNCTA), and to support members of NCTA.

The work of the Grants Program committee includes promoting available opportunities through the Grant Program, informing the NCTA membership of the application process, reviewing grant applications, assisting applicants with the Grants process as needed, and providing program information to the membership at the annual conference.

The Grants program Committee reports to the Finance Division (Treasurer) who collaborates with the Partnerships and Outreach Division to promote donation opportunities for the Grants Program.

Alex Martinez, Chair
Texas A&M International University

Sponsors and Exhibits

The Finance Division (Treasurer) manages the Sponsors and Exhibits Program. The program is a collaborative process between the Professional Development Division and Impact AMC Events team. The mail goal of the collaboration involves working with NCTA's corporate partners to promote sponsorship at the annual conference. The work includes establishing levels of sponsorship, recruiting potential sponsors, and soliciting financial support for NCTA. It also involves coordinating the Sponsors' Workshop and the Exhibitor's Fair conducted during each annual conference.

Valentina Burton, (Chair) Treasurer
Kansas State University

Impact AMC
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Duane P. Goupell Conference Travel Scholarship

Named for Past-President, Duane P. Goupell, in honor of his service and commitment to NCTA since it founding. Each year, the NCTA Governing Council awards a limited number of non-transferrable travel assistance scholarships for qualifying individual or institutional members, selected as lead presenters on a proposal accepted by the Program Committee. The award is available to those who, without the financial support of their institutions, may otherwise incur a financial burden associated with expenses relating to their attendance at the annual conference.

The scholarship offers a maximum reimbursement of $1,500, post-conference, and does not cover the full cost of attendance. Reimbursement of expenses is limited to conference registration, up to four nights lodging at the conference hotel at the NCTA discounted rate, and transportation costs to and from the conference (airfare, parking, mileage at standard IRS rate, shuttle/cab, and/or luggage fees). The Finance Division will consider no other expenses under this scholarship.

The Treasurer, in coordination with the Program Committee Chair, oversee the handling of all travel scholarships. The Treasurer will announce scholarship awards and program guidelines when notifying award recipients. The Program Committee, in conjunction with Impact AMC Events Planning Division, disseminates information on eligibility and application criteria at the beginning of the conference planning process.

Program Committee (Chair)

Valentina Burton, Treasurer
Kansas State University