Web Site FAQ

How do I edit our NCTA Proctoring Network Information?

  • Log in with your institution's NCTA Proctoring Network username and password. It is different than your membership username and password. If you do not know the NPN username/password, please contact [email protected].
  • Click Edit
  • Click Save

How can I add or remove myself to/from the E-lists?

  • Go to My Profile after you log in
  • From the My Features tab, click on E-lists
  • From here, you can subscribe/unsubscribe or just turn off email delivery which will archive the emails in your membership account so that you can log in and check them later.

How can I add/delete members to our Institutional/Corporate membership?
Only the Key (primary) Contact for the Organization can make these changes. If you are the Key (primary) Contact for the Organization, follow these steps.

  • Under My Profile, navigate to Organization Profile
  • Click on Individual Profiles
  • From there, you can add additional people by clicking on Create Linked Profiles, or remove people by clicking on Unlink

How do I find my dues invoice and/or conference registration?

  • Go to My Profile after you log in
  • From the My Profile tab, click on Your Organization.  Then, click on Invoices.