Professional Development Division

The Professional Development Division focuses on developing and expanding the knowledge, skills, and abilities of NCTA members through the annual conference, the e-journal, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and webinars.

Arrayon L. Farlough-Rollins, Division Head
University of Texas at Arlington


Annual Conference

The annual conference is NCTA’s major professional development activity that provides participants an opportunity to present and discuss issues related to testing.

There are six subcommittees that assist with organizing and hosting the conference. For more information about these committees and other partners, please click here

Journal of the National College Testing Association (JNCTA)

The JNCTA is the only professional journal dedicated to the test development and administration issues affecting college testing offices.

Sara Rieder Bennett, Editor
The University of Akron
[email protected]
330-972-7084 (Testing), 330-972-7082 (Counseling)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups are a place for NCTA members to come together through common interests in ways that support the NCTA mission, vision, and goals. SIGS are built around identified needs and special interests of testing professionals and are intended to provide an opportunity for members to access information and resources in a specific subject matter.

Active Special Interest Groups

Universal Access in Testing (UAT)

UAT is a community of professionals who work with students with disabilities, specifically related to their access to classroom and standardized exams. The goal of UAT is to provide NCTA members with resources that enrich their work with accessible and accommodated testing for student with disabilities.

Katie Shifflett - Chair
Baltimore City Community College
2901 Liberty Heights Avenue
Main Building, Room 07 G
Baltimore, MD 21215-7893
(410) 462-8408 
[email protected]

Distance Learning Special Interest Group
Distance Learning SIG is currently being formed. If you are interested in joining this SIG, please contact April Imhoff at [email protected].



Webinars delivers professional development presentations to the members of NCTA. These presentations are archived and available for viewing on demand through the website.

Committee Chair: 
Sally Carter 
Southeast Missouri State University
[email protected]

Proctor Certification Committee

Part of NCTA's mission is "the promotion of professionalism and quality in the administration of testing services and programs."  This committee is designing a process to evaluate and certify proctors who are meeting certain standards.

Committee Chair: Rachel Hample, Temple University

Click here to view the committee.