Posted 07/16/2018

The Association of Test Publishers (“ATP”) and the National College Testing Association (“NCTA”) Announce  Partnership to Jointly Develop a Set of Industry Standards for the Online Proctoring of Computer-based Tests

The Association of Test Publishers (“ATP”) and the National College Testing Association (“NCTA”) are very excited to announce a partnership to jointly develop a set of industry standards for the online proctoring of computer-based tests.  As test delivery and administration in the education and credentialing industry have grown increasingly complex, in particular by the availability of innovative and fast-evolving new technologies, the need for a recognized industry standard for the online proctoring of high-stakes testing has never been more relevant.

To structure and support the effort to develop a comprehensive standard, ATP and NCTA have jointly created and approved a body of Operating Procedures to govern the process by which a Technical Working Group (“TWG”) will handle the standards development process.  Although this standard will not be accredited by the American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”), ATP and NCTA have adopted a process that is modeled after ANSI protocols and procedures   Click here to download the Operating Procedures Document.

One of the first orders of business to begin the process will be the establishment of the TWG, as outlined in detail in the Operating Procedures.  Any member of the ATP or the NCTA that indicates its willingness to participate in the work will be welcome to appoint a representative to join the TWG.  Members of the public who are neither members of ATP nor NCTA will also be permitted to participate in the TWG under additional guidelines specified in the Operating Procedures.

Next Steps:

If you or your organization is interested in learning more and/or would like to directly participate in the TWG, please contact via email either Eric D’Astolfo or Paula Doughman, who will co-chair the Joint Management Committee that will oversee the work of the TWG. Their contact information is provided below.

The TWG will host an initial Kick-Off Conference Call to describe the standards development process at a high level and answer any questions about the Joint Operating Procedures document. The conference call will take place at 11:00am Eastern Time on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

To participate in this call inside the U.S., call this number: 310-765-4820 and use the conference code: 9915084

Outside the U.S. use the call in numbers at this link, along with the conference code: 9915084

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from interested participants soon!


Eric D’Astolfo
Co-Chair, Joint Management Committee
Vice President of Educational Assessment Sales
Scantron Corporation
[email protected]  

Paula Doughman
Co-Chair, Joint Management Committee
Program Director, Testing Services
University of Cincinnati
[email protected]