2023 Conference - KEYNOTE SPEAKER

2023 Keynote Speaker 

Derek Newton

Lessons and Observations from Eight Years of Covering Academic Integrity

Derek Newton published his first article on academic integrity and misconduct for The Atlantic magazine in 2015. Since then, he’s written at least 30 different magazine and newspaper articles, given many press interviews, personally interviewed more than 100 professionals and experts, read and annotated hundreds of research papers and written more than 200 issues of “The Cheat Sheet.”

 Newton will share what he’s learned about misconduct over the eight years he’s been writing, researching and talking about it. These include what he sees as irrefutable truths about cheating, what’s driving it, what is and what is not working, new cheating tricks and tactics and what educators, test providers and integrity leaders can do to reduce it.

Derek Newton is a communications expert and writer based in New York City. He has been working in nonprofit, political and policy communications for more than 20 years and helped launch several startups. He’s written for Fortune 500 CEOs and two U.S. Presidents and placed written opinion pieces in outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, The Atlantic, and Harvard Business Review. He is also an occasional pundit on political affairs and higher education policy as well as a contributor at Forbes. Testing industry professionals know him as publisher of The Cheat Sheet, a bi-weekly brief, regular digest of news, academic research and developments related to academic integrity and cheating.
If you are unfamiliar with The Cheat Sheet, visit https://thecheatsheet.substack.com/.