Membership Engagement

The Membership Engagement Division focuses on the current NCTA membership with the purpose of increasing networking opportunities, developing the talent and leadership pool, supporting NCTA initiatives, and promoting a sense of ownership and belonging within the organization. It encompasses the following committees:

  • Awards and Recognition
  • Membership Initiatives (sub-committee: New Member Orientation)
  • Listserv (mailing list moderators)
  • Volunteers
  • Website
Nancy Guidry-Hall, Division Head

Florida State University

Awards and Recognition

The Awards and Recognition Committee invites nominations for the Service and Leadership and Lifetime Achievement awards and manages the annual Service Recognition Awards. The Committee also works to promote recognition of our members for their work on behalf of NCTA and in the field of testing in general.

Theresa Beebe Novotny, Chair
Georgia Southern Univ

Richard Fields, Illinois Central College
Michelle Mackey, Galveston College
Diane Patterson, Three Rivers College
Rosie Summerhays, Salt Lake Community College

Mailing List

The Mailing List Committee is charged with moderating the mailing list when necessary, posting items of general interest such as job notices, reminding members how to join/un-subscribe, and informing users about general list etiquette.

Gayle Veltman, Moderator
Wichita State Univ

Diane Patterson, Co-Moderator
Three Rivers College


Committee Chair Appointment Pending


The Networking Committee explores how to best provide communication channels to facilitate the sharing of timely information and networking tools such as social media, (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), conference App, Google Chat, Wiki and launch special projects to keep membership connected to NCTA.

Arrayon Farlough, Chair
Univ of Arkansas-Little Rock

Gloria Canty, Chattahoochee Valley Community College
LaTanya McClellan, Pierce College

New Member Orientation

Committee Chair Appointment Pending

Technical Communication

The Technical Services Committee will serve the technology needs during the annual conference, and assist with the needs of other committees throughout the year.

Committee Chair Appointment Pending

Steve Brown, Oklahoma State University - Stillwater
Andrew Davis, SmarterServices, LCC
David Ehrenreich, Anne Arundel Comm College
Alex Martinez Jr., Texas A&M Intl Univ
Tabatha Phillips, Western Kentucky Univ
Joe Scrima, Harper College
Angela Zippin, Univ of Cincinnati

Volunteer Services

The Volunteer Services Program actively recruits volunteers and matches members who volunteer to serve in various positions (on committees, for ad-hoc work, with initiatives, etc.). The Volunteer Services Coordinator is responsible for identifying organizational needs for volunteers, recruiting member volunteers, and matching the volunteers to the organizational needs.

Tammy Roach, Chair
University of Louisville


The Website Committee is charged with posting news items to the website, evaluating the overall website functioning and design, and working with the Webmaster to improve the site.

Criss Gilbert, Website News
Univ of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Mary Vaughn, Chair
Mississippi State Univ