NCTA Continuing Education and Proctor Recertification

Once completed, the National College Testing Association (“NCTA”) Proctor Certification is valid for three years from the date it is granted. In order to maintain NCTA Proctor Certification after the initial three-year period, certificants must comply with the Continuing Education and Proctor Recertification Policy (“Recertification Policy”). 

NCTA Proctor certificants must meet two requirements prior to the conclusion of the three-year initial term of certification, and each subsequent three-year period of recertification in order to maintain their certification:

  1. Pay a certification maintenance fee. The certification maintenance fee is due prior to the expiration of a certificant’s initial certification and covers the three-year recertification term. 
  2. Submit evidence of 15 hours of continuing education (“CE”) credits over the course of each three-year certification term. Recertification is required every three years thereafter, with the same requirements for each three-year recertification period.  
    1. Certified individuals should self-report all activities within 90 days of the event to ensure documentation is still available. However, reminder emails to submit CEs will be sent ahead of renewal period. To self-report, click HERE

See the Continuing Education and Proctor Recertification Policy for more details.

Eligible Activities for Continuing Education Credit 

The following programs are eligible for CEs. NCTA-certificants are responsible for reviewing the requirements for submitting a CE request for these programs.