Test Center Certification

Part of NCTA's mission is "the promotion of professionalism and quality in the administration of testing services and programs." By encouraging self-evaluation and adherence to our professional standards, test center certification is designed to assist test centers in improving their testing processes and their service delivery to examinees. The opportunity to participate in the test center certification process is restricted to NCTA collegiate members. Feel free to review our NCTA Professional Standards for Use in the Certification Process.

Why Become Certified?

  • Recognition for your test center and for your institution on a local and national scale
  • Acknowledgement of adherence to best practices in the testing industry.
  • Additional validity for your test center to prospective distance learning students, vendors, and other organizations.
  • The ability to share the certification experience with your state testing association or other affinity group.
  • Increased access to useful testing ideas, documentation, and procedures throughout the certification process.
  • A handsome plaque you can proudly display at your test center to signify your accomplishment.
  • Test Center Certification shows outside testing entities that a test center operates under the highest accepted standards and procedures for all types of testing. These groups, therefore, are assured that their testing needs are fully met.

Current Certified Centers

More than 200 Centers across the United States and Canada have been certified since 2010. All of them can be found on the list of certified centers.

Prospective Participants

Test Center Certification is available to NCTA collegiate members. Follow these instructions for “Pre-Application Review”:

  1. Read through the Selected Standards for Certification.
  2. Download and complete all the appendices as prescribed on the Application Material Checklist.
  3. Determine all documents are complete using the School Certification Checklist. If you do not have all of the appendices completed, you have to create your documents.
  4. Download and complete the Test Center Certification Application.
  5. Watch the NCTA listserv for actual date of new test center certification cycles.
  6. Choose a *cycle period which is the second week of February, May, or August (The application cycle lasts for 8 days, Monday through Monday).
  7. Send all completed documents in one email to [email protected] during the cycle dates. (The committee will review all pre-applications submitted.  There will only be 25 completed applications accepted per cycle.)
  8. Each applicant will receive a confirmation email once the materials have been received.

 NOTICE: Below a couple of primary reasons why an application and/or application materials are not accepted:

  1. All required documentation(s) was/(were) not complete
  2. All documentation were not sent during the application cycle

In these instances, your application and materials will not be accepted and will be deleted. You will receive notification that your application has been denied and/or deleted.

*Please be aware that the second week of December the Test Center Certification Committee goes on recess for the year to concentrate on end of school year closing. 

Resources for Test Center Certification

If you have questions regarding the process, visit the TCC Resources page to get additional details about the application process along with examples of documents that are required as part of the Test Center Certification  application. If you have any questions about certification, please contact [email protected].

We need volunteers to work on processing applications for Test Center Certification. If you are currently a certified center and are interested please complete this survey.