Dear NCTA,

On behalf of the Governing Council, the Nominating Committee announces the opening of nominations for the 2024 elections.  In accordance with the bylaws, the Nominating Committee collects and reviews nominations and compiles the final ballot.

The Governing Council consists of Board members, Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect, President, and President-Elect/Past-President. This year, there are four seats to be filled on the Governing Council: three Board openings and one Treasurer-Elect. Each Board seat and the Treasurer-Elect represents a three-year term beginning at the conclusion of the 2024 conference.

Interested candidates must be collegiate members in good standing and, if elected, are expected to attend three full-board meetings per year and additional divisional meetings as needed. Most meetings are held virtually with an in-person meeting at the conclusion of the annual conference. Travel expenses for meetings are provided in accordance with NCTA travel policy. They are also expected to participate actively on the Governing Council and serve as leadership in one of the seven divisions.  

Nominations for both elections open Wednesday, February 14th and will close on Friday, March 8th at 11:59 PM EST/8:59 PM PST. Candidates will be announced to membership in early April, with voting opening in mid-April.

The two elections are as follows:

Election #1: NCTA will be electing three Board members who will serve a 3-year term beginning immediately following the 2024 conference and ending at the conclusion of the 2027 conference.
Board members follow a three-year board cycle. The cycle is as follows:

  • Year 1- Junior Co-Chair; Mentee to Incumbent Division Head
  • Year 2- Full Division Head
  • Year 3- Senior Co-Chair and Division Head; Mentor to Junior Co-Chair

Election #2: NCTA will be electing a Treasurer-Elect. The Treasurer-Elect will serve a 3-year term beginning immediately following the 2024 conference and ending at the conclusion of the 2027 conference.  The Treasurer-Elect position follows a three-year board cycle. The cycle is as follows:

  • Year 1- Treasurer-Elect; Mentee to Incumbent Treasurer
  • Year 2- Treasurer
  • Year 3- Senior Treasurer; Mentor to Treasurer-Elect

To be considered for either election, individuals should either nominate themselves or have a fellow NCTA colleague nominate them. All nominees should, at a minimum, be able to show each of the following:

  1. NCTA involvement in areas such as committees and conferences,
  2. leadership qualities, and
  3. a willingness to participate actively in the Governing Council of NCTA.
  4. For the Treasurer-Elect position, nominees are encouraged to discuss qualifications relevant to the position, such as accounting, financial oversight such as budgeting, or related background.

* Note that leadership in state or regional organizations or other professional organizations is encouraged, but is not considered a substitute for involvement in NCTA.

Nominations will continue to be accepted through Friday, March 8th.

Interested in nominating yourself or someone else? Please fill out this form and submit the following information no later than Friday, March 8, 2024:

  • The nominee’s current vitae or resume,
  • A cover letter describing each of the following:
    • the number of years the nominee has been part of NCTA
    • the nominee’s contributions to NCTA (i.e., roles and year(s) of service),
    • why the nominee should be considered for service on the Governing Council,
    • other relevant service/professional contributions outside of NCTA
    • For self-nominations, the nominee should also include the names, affiliations, and email addresses of two NCTA members from other institutions who can serve as references and speak to the individual’s qualifications.
      • A current vitae or resume of the nominee

If you have any questions, please email the Nominating Committee at [email protected].

NCTA is a great organization, thanks to the service of its members. I encourage every member to consider nominating someone that is actively volunteering for NCTA this year. We also encourage you to consider other volunteer opportunities with NCTA by viewing the link or contacting our Volunteer Chair, Sam Ramirez.

Sara Rieder Bennett, Ph.D.
NCTA President