Partnerships and Collaborations Division

The Partnerships and Collaborations Division focuses on establishing, promoting, and enhancing our relationship with other testing related professional organizations for purposes of expanding the reach of NCTA, developing resources to assist NCTA members, and advancing the professional community. Current examples include the ATP Proctoring committee, the AHEAD liaison, and the State liaisons. This division also identifies additional collaborations with other groups that will benefit the profession and determines how best to grow these partnerships.

Tammy Roach
University of Louisville
[email protected] 
(502) 852-6606

The State and Regional Organizations Committee is charged with supporting existing State and Regional Organizations (SROs), encouraging the development of new organizations, and promoting interactions and activities among SROs and NCTA. The Committee also facilitates a meeting at the annual conference to gather information on and assist with state conferences and workshops and recruitment activities.

During the 2021-2022 school year, NCTA is working to strengthen our affiliate program which includes state and regional organizations.

Academic Integrity and Testing Committee
Welcome to the Academic Integrity and Testing Committee. We are a community of professionals who work with Testing Centers and Academic Integrity programs on college and university campuses. The goal of AITC is to provide NCTA members with resources to align campus academic integrity programs and testing centers, create academic integrity programs and advocate testing best practices in higher education through partnerships with other professional organizations.

Jarret Dyer
Testing Coordinator
College of DuPage
[email protected]