Posted on 02/28/2019

NCTA Responds to the Cheating Scandal

The National College Testing Association (NCTA) is deeply distraught by the allegations contained in a federal criminal indictment unsealed yesterday in Boston, that a "college prep" organization used bribes, testing by proxy, cheating and fraud to obtain an unfair competitive advantage for admission to a number of prestigious colleges and universities. Actions like those alleged in the indictment erode the public trust placed in institutions of higher education and cause serious damage to the educational process.

The NCTA works with testing providers and regulatory agencies to establish high standards and best practices for test administration, and to create ethical guidelines that ensure equal consideration for all candidates regardless of their background. Our members continue to advocate proctoring standards and procedures that safeguard test content, validate the identity of students, and present a level playing field for all. The NCTA Governing Board serves to promote professional standards and effective public policy, and are available to speak on behalf of the organization.

The NCTA is a network of more 2,300 testing professionals in colleges, universities, testing companies and policy-making agencies. Since our inception we have practiced and promoted test security within our universities in order to ensure that tests are fairly administered and reflect the performance of the intended student. Our members play a critical role within the testing industry in terms of creating, managing and administering tests employed in higher education.  Read the press release >>